Monday, January 27, 2020

When my plans got ruined

I've heard from several people who say that if a person has a plan of life, then that person should succeed on his or her goals. Taking little fragments of my personal experience, I've tried to plan and schedule certain sort of goals such as a desired weight, a determined savings amount, or to do a big purchase like a house, and so on. Down the road, too many unexpected things blow my plans away, so I have to act like triggering a fire extinguisher to solve those struggles which punch me very hard, yet I have to start over again. It really hurts though.

I can guess that those people who had completed several leadership and management courses and certificates, they are the same person who they were before taking that knowledge inlet because life hits really hard sometimes, so it turns down people back to reality right away. I believe that everybody can succed but not everybody is prepared for that. Mentally, we bar ourselves from achieving the big things instead of trying to get them. It's very common to hear words like "I can't do it", "it's so difficult for me". When words like that come out from our mouths, fear is set in our minds, so the result is either not even trying to do the things or getting done a messy thing. It happens to me very often, yet sometimes I needed a push from somebody else to put my fears away.

When it comes to planning, I think that even though when unexpected things ruin your plans, it's very important not losing the course of your plan. It's like sailing, when tide deviates your course, it's very important to have a good domain at maneuvering the rudder and propeling accurately. Nothing comes easy, but it requires practice, so practice comes from trying, not from staying put.

I conclude that if my plans got ruined by unexpected things, the best thing I can do it's to be thankful and mindful, so I can start over again with my mind set to my goal.