Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Image source: MIT Sloan 

“Nature's a balance. There's always a price. For every give, there's a take, and for every success, a sacrifice.”

― Martin Olson, Adventure Time: The Enchiridion Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook!!!

I've never spotted something so accurate like this quote. If I want to step up to the next level of whatever I want in my life, there's a price to pay, so it's the worth of the sacrifice made. I believe in smart moves, accurate maneuvers, knocking the correct door, speaking with the right person. Everything should be aligned in order to break it through. Have you ever made so much effort through the incorrect path? It's hard to say but it's so dissapointing that all the effort is worthless. But when the idea is wielded with the correct tool, and with the correct people, you flourish. 

A few years ago, an elder man, a former client,  who worked as manager of a company of decades of operation, he told me: "What kind of history would you like to be known for? You can be either the bad guy of the history or the good guy. You choose what you would like to be". I appreciate that advise that always comes to my mind until today. Sometimes I am afraid if I already did sufficient to achieve, yet I still don't know if I didn't even start to work on it. It's hard to know and it keeps me uncertained what it comes next because there are so many things I achieved but lost, like a rollercoaster with ups and downs, so it seems pretty unfair to me. Have you ever felt insecure even though at the same time you are feeling entitled? I believe on the word Equilibrium. 

Equilibrium it's like a seesaw. Although the difference of both persons weight, once the force applied to counterweight the other individual mass, the seesaw swings up or down. Life plays with us, and we have to find the way to balance it. Otherwise, we get caught on its trap. I hope you get it. I'm still on the search. 

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Finding Inspiration

Everyday comes with a new challenge. Silently, my mind spoke to me on a way that I never felt before. Level up, don't give up. Practice and rehearsal are crucial keys for perfection and success. So, what was the hint? Whatever the language you speak the most, poetry is a learnt skill which requires wide vocabulary knowledge as well as having something to write for. I have great admiration for the people who just need a couple of words, so they can create an ongoing story whether is true or not. Sometimes I feel astonished when I know that big books were written based on something that happened on one night. However, a good piece of writing can be obtained as a result of several years of studies of certain theme or career. J.R.R. Tolkien found inspiration to create The Lord of The Rings series by years of studying about Old English literature, especially Beowulf and combining the studies of ancient mythologies such as Greek, Celtic, Finnish and Slavic. My case can be different. I am in a process of reading as much books as possible to utilize new vocabulary as well as visualizing into different epochs. It's not easy as it seems, yet when I find myself a peaceful moment where a bunch of ideas hover around my head, so it means that I'm ready for something else. Two days ago, while I was doing my daily twitter scrolling, I came across to a twitt where the user asked something like when is the moment on a new relationship to truly say "I love you"? I though about inspiration, so I wrote this poem:

Let me say something I want to express,
Because it's going too fast so I cannot explain,
I didn't feel this way since the day we first met,
Nobody can't tell you but me, so I cannot regret.

Can I call this love or it's just delight?
Sometimes I want to ignore it but my smile can't deny,
Because my past just reminds me tears on my eyes,
So my feelings inside tell me to grant a big chance.

There's no written rule on how we have to love,
If it brings peace and joy we should let it flow,
If it's going to work, time will let know,
So if you liked these words please make me a bow

I know the end of the last sentence was a just for fun moment, but the intention of this writing verses practice was as an exersice to find the correct rhyming words so the message I want to express to be coherent. On my high school years, I was so reluctant with literature, poetry, reading. I never ended a book, yet I didn't find the interest of them. I am totally different with literature, so I'm having a hungry of reading but now it happens the opposite: I want to read, but I lack time. LOL. Being a parent of two little daughters (my princesses), so time matters. I finally understand the real value of time than never before. 

Finally, I hope all the motivation which in all of a sudden came through me, it doesn't fly away. I'd like to make use of these classic writing tools like blogger and Medium which never be old fashioned for people like us who like a good piece of reading. 

Take care.

Thursday, June 18, 2020


It happened. The title of this post suggests something like "heads up". Work overflow and parental routine could act as a silent killer. Whatever your main activity for living is, our body sends us signals that things are not ok. How often do you feel more tired as usual? Therefore, that tiredness affects our mood, yet we don't feel like intercoursing with anyone else. It seriously damage our social relationships.

We are something like the perfect creation. We store in our long term memory all things we watch, we listen, we read, we make. We are able to identify if something can go wrong when we combine our sensors and everything stored in our memory. We are problems solvers. Every challenge we are set to do, even though its difficulty level, we find the way to solve it. If we don't have the right tool, we create it anyway. If somebody doesn't believe us, we find the way to find the perfect words to change their minds. We are the perfect math processor. We are dexterous with numbers like anyone else, so we can figure out instantly if somebody is plausible just by a couple of calculations.

However, heads up. I've learned when to say stop. We are like machines, yet we are not machines. Sometimes letting go it's healthier than keep on holding. We are naturally attached either to people or things, but certainly we need to constantly evaluate if that bonding is either benefitting or harming us. It's time to turn on the headlights, visualize our surroundings and be aware of everything. We don't have to wait until last minute.

Keep well!!

Monday, May 25, 2020

You changed my life

Back in the days, I didn't realize that my life would flip over with the blink of an eye. I was experiencing several changes on my job, and a series of financial decisions had been already made. I remember exactly the time when my wife told me that big surprise: You will become a dad. I cannot describe how I felt, but I remember a certain type of shivering of happiness and uncertainty that those words drew into my body. Nobody is prepared for that. I was 28, yet I didn't even feel that I was able to carry a newborn on my arms. I remember when I carried my little nephew, then he instantly cried because he felt unsafe on my arms. That memory came to my mind when I visualized on how it will be like to carry my first baby.

As the days went by, a day like today but eight years ago, my daughter was born. I've never felt that kind of happiness to see that tiny being coming out with that loud crying that suggested that she was healthy and safe. Though all that happiness and joy that my daughter brought to all our family and friends circle, the best was yet to come when we checked out from the hospital, and we were about to head to our home. The sleepless nights were about to start. Those are things that every new parents experience at first, but I remember that even one bloating on her tummy was capable of make our nights that dreadful. Fortunately, we passed over it.

With all the things as a baby and as a toddler lived on, including sicknesses, tantrums, funny occurrences, mischiefs, and so on; my daughter taught me so many valuable life lessons that I would never caught if I weren't be a dad. It's not the same thing observing parenthood than living on it. The things that I never imagined to do before that happened, I undoubtedly did and with bonuses. I developed strength, willpower, maturity and other manners which helped me to raise her. Now I am father of two beautiful daughters, so they are so especial for me, but the things you learned with the first one when practicing newbie parenthood, those things are unforgettable though.

On the picture shown, my daughter Gabriela when she was 1 year and 4 months old. Now she is much bigger, but the same childish face.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

This too shall pass

A few months ago, I was planning how my 2020 will be like, yet I tried to figure out how to get a serious commitment with myself on some unaccomplished goals. I reckon nobody was plotting ahead how our life would change in a glipmse, and it seems those changes will be part of our daily living at least for a couple of years. On my 37 years of living, I've never seen something similar which affects the entire globe that flat. It is the first time I look that people are being subjected to such self awareness. Sometimes it's hard for me to see even children wearing a mask, yet I think it's harder for them to be banned from socializing with other kids when we know this is part of their natural behavior.

On the other hand, this Covid19 novel will lead us to practice a set of new habits that would benefit our way of living. I am sure that people will take cleanliness more seriously than ever before. When have you been instructed on the way you washed your hands? When did you ever clean and sanitized your groceries? During this time, I bet there were so many people that received their first online class or work session. I guess this way of conferencing will remain forever. Whoa.

The saddest part for me is the economic outbreak ahead. So many businesses have not received even a penny during the lockdowns. Things would never be the same for lots of them. I personally had the fortune to be on a technical area which was classified as "essencial", so I haven't stopped working. But so many people had been either furloughed or canceled from their jobs. Nobody has the ability to predict how the economic recovery will be, but I think that as humans we have the great willing to overtake every kind of crises, even though how dreadful the panorama was. On this moments, people show the best of them. Human kindness brings hope to our world.

I hope this too shall pass. It's going to be a new beginning for many people, yet the most important thing is to be alive to relate the havoc of everything what it was.

Monday, January 27, 2020

When my plans got ruined

I've heard from several people who say that if a person has a plan of life, then that person should succeed on his or her goals. Taking little fragments of my personal experience, I've tried to plan and schedule certain sort of goals such as a desired weight, a determined savings amount, or to do a big purchase like a house, and so on. Down the road, too many unexpected things blow my plans away, so I have to act like triggering a fire extinguisher to solve those struggles which punch me very hard, yet I have to start over again. It really hurts though.

I can guess that those people who had completed several leadership and management courses and certificates, they are the same person who they were before taking that knowledge inlet because life hits really hard sometimes, so it turns down people back to reality right away. I believe that everybody can succed but not everybody is prepared for that. Mentally, we bar ourselves from achieving the big things instead of trying to get them. It's very common to hear words like "I can't do it", "it's so difficult for me". When words like that come out from our mouths, fear is set in our minds, so the result is either not even trying to do the things or getting done a messy thing. It happens to me very often, yet sometimes I needed a push from somebody else to put my fears away.

When it comes to planning, I think that even though when unexpected things ruin your plans, it's very important not losing the course of your plan. It's like sailing, when tide deviates your course, it's very important to have a good domain at maneuvering the rudder and propeling accurately. Nothing comes easy, but it requires practice, so practice comes from trying, not from staying put.

I conclude that if my plans got ruined by unexpected things, the best thing I can do it's to be thankful and mindful, so I can start over again with my mind set to my goal.