Monday, December 25, 2017

New Adventures

Life has granted me with lots of positive changes on me even if the price has been high and stressful, but with happiness and grateful moments in a bundle. This 2017 has been a particular year because it's the first year where I lived a whole year outside my country trying a new adventure in Los Angeles, California. This year my second daughter was born, and she adds to my life a special motivational feeling who makes me stronger than before. Sometimes I feel weak, like I just wanna give up (as the Eminem song Till I collapse says), but when I come home, and I see my daughters, they remind me what I am living for. Also, this 2017 I enrolled in the college in order to get a degree for Electricity and Construction Maintennance. I completed my first semester, and I passed my first three courses like a champ. But it hasn't easy because it's not equal studying being single than being married and having two daughters, there is no comparison, the time is really limited so I have to practice how to puzzle my time to complete lots of tasks on a day. I have some stories to tell such as one when I had to stop to pee behind Rancho Park in Cheviot Hills because I had driven about 2 hours to get to my house, and was 1 hour remaining to go, so I cannot hold in anymore, it feels like your bladder will pop off, so I stopped like I wanted to do something in Rancho Park, it was pretty dark, that made me easy to stop behind a tree even if the traffic was still running on the street, nobody cared what I had stopped to, it felt so good to release that amount of pee I was holding in, and I get back to the car, and I continued driving home. In addition, I had learned how to do field work in other areas, such as construction, electricity and remodel. On 2018 I want to achieve new goals to be added to my professional background though I don't have a clear panorama, but I know that working hard and climbing up all the obstacles, I will achieve. I wish you a happy hollidays and a happy 2018 to everybody. Thanks.