Sunday, November 3, 2019

How to learn effectively

Many different mentors throughout my life had adviced me upon a "never stop learning". Perhaps it sounds like nuanced words, but we, racional beings, are always searching something new to learn, no matter how. Personally, I consider that I had learn sufficiently something when I've experienced it theoretically and practically. Both at once, not separately. It's not the same feeling when I narrate something that I had experienced rather than something I had not. Sometimes I got frustrated when I had to train people about why my product portfolio was reliable and easy to install when I only had received theoretical training about that. It's very easy to see people silently judging you just with their sight and facial expressions. Little by little I decided to involve into field, so I could experience how to install the products, and sometimes with mistakes on it, but that made me perform my trainings. Now the fishtank was full of life, and the next trainings I could observe how people were awake and more convinced with me, their questions were answered and for my satisfaction, I noticed my approval on their faces. Nailed it.

Effective learning hurts. It's like the struck of the hammer on your finger when you are learning how to nail. It's like when the professional skater is trying to make his first backflip, yet he falls so many times trying to acomplish. Everybody have different learning experiences, so each person has a different story to tell with different perspective. Some people have sequels due to how they gained their experience. Hence, when the gained experience it's very sharp so they can relate with that solid confidence, and you can say "I believe you" or "blindly I can trust this person that job".

I failed so many times when it comes to make imprtant decisions in my life, some of them led me to lose a lot of money, some of them led me to achieve important things, but their common factors are the lessons learned, whether good or bad, but learned. The size of the risk of the decision it's the same size of the amount of what it's going to be earned or lost by that risk. Anyone can be a great memory retainer by reading a big amount of books, I think it's not so bad whatsoever, so we can enrich ourselves with any type of content in our encephalic system and it contributes to activate our creative side which it's very important for the upcoming innnovations, but none of this will be worth if it's not put into practice. This is how some persons are distinguished from others. This is the reason why the pundit is beaten by the doer.

Finally, I consider that to learn effectively the combination of sharpening the pencil plus sharpening the tool should be done. Cheers.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

When will I finally find myself?

When I find solely moments with my mind clear of any distracting garbage, I have small talks with my inner self, and sometimes it comes to my mind the question "When will I finally find myself?". Yet at this age would be sort of naive because everyone may think that an adult person with an apparent realized life wouldn't be worried for some childish struggles, but I clearly see that too many people have ocean size voids which have not been filled whatsoever. Myself is included.

Year by year, I have been redefining what success means to me, as long as I feel less worried about the things that can derail my happiness. On my twenties, I thought that finalizing a university major, then getting a job lined up with that major, it could be a successful lifestyle. I lived that experience, and I don't regret about that, but I dind't receive a real life advice about what an adult life really is about.

Money is the most visible measurable variable of success, and it's all about on how people set judgements about others. We live on a system where money flows so that it's delivered for whom has more value according to this system. Not necessarily the ones who do more work are the ones who earn more. It seems unfair, but the economic system, which all individuals are stranded on, delivers on a very unproportional rate according to the market value of the individual. One friend of mine suddenly chatted me if I didn't feel sort of dissapointment of this working, paying bills and rent lifecycle. I felt startled about the question, but if we assess very well, that statement sadly contains much true on it. If some part of this lifecycle steals your peace, clearly I believe that something is not going as we expect.

This system won't change for the upcoming years, the governments will behave the same way, the economic system will be always broken and the money will always be delivered on this unfairly way. The best thing we can do is replenish ourselves with positive traits in order to help each others. So then, when I try to anwer the question I started in this post, I see crystal clear that the answer will shortly come, but when it finally do, I should at least had filled the most of the voids that had been stealing my happiness, peace and joy. But when will that happen? I remember that life has not to be a money making routine, I have a family, two little daughters, a health to worry about, too many experiences to enjoy, too many places to know, and so on.

So, I am trying to live and enjoy my present even though it's not so grateful as I expected, but I don't have to lose my direction on what I'm want to achieve.

Thank you.

Monday, July 15, 2019

How to pour fresh learning to your brain

When I look back to my 20's (I'm 36, so that's a long time gap), I miss the times that I spent weekends without having any nap time with no regrets, and I claimed my older relatives who evidently did. Now, when I spend my free weekends, so a nap break it's neccessary for recovering a little bit this weary being. There's a lot of thing that people of my age talk about, such as few sleeping hours, knee pain, kids, work stress, and so on. Regarding all this heads up, I frankly think that we have to add new learning to our brain, even if we have to sacrifice our comfort zone. No reward will fall from the sky without any work made.

Recently, I feel pretty discouraged when I spent more than 10 years working constantly for a company which offered me personal and economic growing, so I din't take importance to academically growing, which means, to get an additional major or something else. Sometimes our body and soul need a reward, yet I learned that anybody can give you that but you.

When I studied from two semesters in a row my english courses on my college, a learning hunger awaken inside me which convinced me that never it's to late to achieve your learning goals and skills. Nowadays, with 2 daughters, a home to attend, exhausive work journey, so studying can mean a burden for anyone else, but for me is an encouraging challenge.

One important thing to add fresh learning it's to feel yourself confident and let your fears step away from you. Regardless your age and exhaustive daily journey, the first thing that has to be driven it's to have small talks with yourself and say "I can do it". I can find all means possible to achieve that without excuses. On this interconnected world we live on, any information can be found, any book can be gotten, too many free learning resources are grab and go, and so many follow up tools are on our reach. Too unexcusable.

Finally, your life experience had told you that many things are not achievable for you, but let's do a swift and tell your past life that you are a story that hasn't still ended.

Thank you.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

When looking back is not an option

Few days ago, I was reminiscing on several moments that I enjoyed the best. As a teenager on 1998 or 1999, I don't remember feeling worried about what it would happen tomorrow even though my parents were living a serious financial struggle. I never thought either leaving my parents house or having my own family so far, yet I whined too many times about not having my own rules. However, one of the best memoirs I have is having my friends available everyday at a certain hour. We didn't have cellphones to text or call between us for gathering, if one of us whistled then we knew that was the going out signal.

Nowadays, life is pretty much different than twenty years ago. We are living a time where people don't feel safe, yet we cannot confidence with any person because life stress had reached so far, so people is seriously affected by what others do instead on striving for themselves. In addition, there are so many people broken who they had grown on perverted environments which are the culprits of the disoriented world where we are living now.

On this technology age, social media is meaning for many people something like an exhaust valve where any individual can express their feeling deliberately, and they receive an instant feedback from whoever it is even if they had never exchanged any spoken word between them. Things like that makes the living environment even worse because if someone became an online sharing person, then a reaction, whether is good or bad, has been created, and it will follow you until it get suppressed by itself as a matter of time.

To add a few things up, living cost is soaring, population is exponentially growing, countries governments are corruptely broken, drinking water is scant, and so on. Sometimes I feel I want to travel back on time, but when I see that time is the only variable you cannot retrieve, I have a unique option and is "don't look back and carry on". I have a family to strive for, so when I feel like I want to give up, I remember my daughters whose innocence and plenitude of energy makes me see life with different eyes. Many people say I am still very young, but sometimes I feel that I'd lived enough haha, but I'm longing for witness things that I'm still expecting and I haven't accomplished.

So, if you feel like life is treating you as an accordion, it's better to play it loud.