Sunday, November 3, 2019

How to learn effectively

Many different mentors throughout my life had adviced me upon a "never stop learning". Perhaps it sounds like nuanced words, but we, racional beings, are always searching something new to learn, no matter how. Personally, I consider that I had learn sufficiently something when I've experienced it theoretically and practically. Both at once, not separately. It's not the same feeling when I narrate something that I had experienced rather than something I had not. Sometimes I got frustrated when I had to train people about why my product portfolio was reliable and easy to install when I only had received theoretical training about that. It's very easy to see people silently judging you just with their sight and facial expressions. Little by little I decided to involve into field, so I could experience how to install the products, and sometimes with mistakes on it, but that made me perform my trainings. Now the fishtank was full of life, and the next trainings I could observe how people were awake and more convinced with me, their questions were answered and for my satisfaction, I noticed my approval on their faces. Nailed it.

Effective learning hurts. It's like the struck of the hammer on your finger when you are learning how to nail. It's like when the professional skater is trying to make his first backflip, yet he falls so many times trying to acomplish. Everybody have different learning experiences, so each person has a different story to tell with different perspective. Some people have sequels due to how they gained their experience. Hence, when the gained experience it's very sharp so they can relate with that solid confidence, and you can say "I believe you" or "blindly I can trust this person that job".

I failed so many times when it comes to make imprtant decisions in my life, some of them led me to lose a lot of money, some of them led me to achieve important things, but their common factors are the lessons learned, whether good or bad, but learned. The size of the risk of the decision it's the same size of the amount of what it's going to be earned or lost by that risk. Anyone can be a great memory retainer by reading a big amount of books, I think it's not so bad whatsoever, so we can enrich ourselves with any type of content in our encephalic system and it contributes to activate our creative side which it's very important for the upcoming innnovations, but none of this will be worth if it's not put into practice. This is how some persons are distinguished from others. This is the reason why the pundit is beaten by the doer.

Finally, I consider that to learn effectively the combination of sharpening the pencil plus sharpening the tool should be done. Cheers.

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