Thursday, June 18, 2020


It happened. The title of this post suggests something like "heads up". Work overflow and parental routine could act as a silent killer. Whatever your main activity for living is, our body sends us signals that things are not ok. How often do you feel more tired as usual? Therefore, that tiredness affects our mood, yet we don't feel like intercoursing with anyone else. It seriously damage our social relationships.

We are something like the perfect creation. We store in our long term memory all things we watch, we listen, we read, we make. We are able to identify if something can go wrong when we combine our sensors and everything stored in our memory. We are problems solvers. Every challenge we are set to do, even though its difficulty level, we find the way to solve it. If we don't have the right tool, we create it anyway. If somebody doesn't believe us, we find the way to find the perfect words to change their minds. We are the perfect math processor. We are dexterous with numbers like anyone else, so we can figure out instantly if somebody is plausible just by a couple of calculations.

However, heads up. I've learned when to say stop. We are like machines, yet we are not machines. Sometimes letting go it's healthier than keep on holding. We are naturally attached either to people or things, but certainly we need to constantly evaluate if that bonding is either benefitting or harming us. It's time to turn on the headlights, visualize our surroundings and be aware of everything. We don't have to wait until last minute.

Keep well!!


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