Saturday, August 8, 2020

Finding Inspiration

Everyday comes with a new challenge. Silently, my mind spoke to me on a way that I never felt before. Level up, don't give up. Practice and rehearsal are crucial keys for perfection and success. So, what was the hint? Whatever the language you speak the most, poetry is a learnt skill which requires wide vocabulary knowledge as well as having something to write for. I have great admiration for the people who just need a couple of words, so they can create an ongoing story whether is true or not. Sometimes I feel astonished when I know that big books were written based on something that happened on one night. However, a good piece of writing can be obtained as a result of several years of studies of certain theme or career. J.R.R. Tolkien found inspiration to create The Lord of The Rings series by years of studying about Old English literature, especially Beowulf and combining the studies of ancient mythologies such as Greek, Celtic, Finnish and Slavic. My case can be different. I am in a process of reading as much books as possible to utilize new vocabulary as well as visualizing into different epochs. It's not easy as it seems, yet when I find myself a peaceful moment where a bunch of ideas hover around my head, so it means that I'm ready for something else. Two days ago, while I was doing my daily twitter scrolling, I came across to a twitt where the user asked something like when is the moment on a new relationship to truly say "I love you"? I though about inspiration, so I wrote this poem:

Let me say something I want to express,
Because it's going too fast so I cannot explain,
I didn't feel this way since the day we first met,
Nobody can't tell you but me, so I cannot regret.

Can I call this love or it's just delight?
Sometimes I want to ignore it but my smile can't deny,
Because my past just reminds me tears on my eyes,
So my feelings inside tell me to grant a big chance.

There's no written rule on how we have to love,
If it brings peace and joy we should let it flow,
If it's going to work, time will let know,
So if you liked these words please make me a bow

I know the end of the last sentence was a just for fun moment, but the intention of this writing verses practice was as an exersice to find the correct rhyming words so the message I want to express to be coherent. On my high school years, I was so reluctant with literature, poetry, reading. I never ended a book, yet I didn't find the interest of them. I am totally different with literature, so I'm having a hungry of reading but now it happens the opposite: I want to read, but I lack time. LOL. Being a parent of two little daughters (my princesses), so time matters. I finally understand the real value of time than never before. 

Finally, I hope all the motivation which in all of a sudden came through me, it doesn't fly away. I'd like to make use of these classic writing tools like blogger and Medium which never be old fashioned for people like us who like a good piece of reading. 

Take care.

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