Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Image source: MIT Sloan 

“Nature's a balance. There's always a price. For every give, there's a take, and for every success, a sacrifice.”

― Martin Olson, Adventure Time: The Enchiridion Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook!!!

I've never spotted something so accurate like this quote. If I want to step up to the next level of whatever I want in my life, there's a price to pay, so it's the worth of the sacrifice made. I believe in smart moves, accurate maneuvers, knocking the correct door, speaking with the right person. Everything should be aligned in order to break it through. Have you ever made so much effort through the incorrect path? It's hard to say but it's so dissapointing that all the effort is worthless. But when the idea is wielded with the correct tool, and with the correct people, you flourish. 

A few years ago, an elder man, a former client,  who worked as manager of a company of decades of operation, he told me: "What kind of history would you like to be known for? You can be either the bad guy of the history or the good guy. You choose what you would like to be". I appreciate that advise that always comes to my mind until today. Sometimes I am afraid if I already did sufficient to achieve, yet I still don't know if I didn't even start to work on it. It's hard to know and it keeps me uncertained what it comes next because there are so many things I achieved but lost, like a rollercoaster with ups and downs, so it seems pretty unfair to me. Have you ever felt insecure even though at the same time you are feeling entitled? I believe on the word Equilibrium. 

Equilibrium it's like a seesaw. Although the difference of both persons weight, once the force applied to counterweight the other individual mass, the seesaw swings up or down. Life plays with us, and we have to find the way to balance it. Otherwise, we get caught on its trap. I hope you get it. I'm still on the search. 

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