Friday, October 22, 2021

First Attempt

The best way to determine if you are ready for something new is to be into it even if you were not ready for that. It's kind of weird specially if according to the inexistent but mental traceable life's plan you were meant to be at a certain level of success at this point, but none of that had happened quite a bit. I remember in a job interview I had 15 years ago, which I acknowledge it was a bit disturbing because the interviewer never landed straightforward to the point of it, yet one of the questions was: How do you look yourself in 10 years? Interesting question I sighed. I don't exactly remember my answer, but it was something like: "myself looks like a realized man with his own house, stepping upward to the highest hierarchy position in the company I'll be working on, traveling to many countries, in a few words, I look myself successful". I have to say that I fantasized a lot, yet it could be because of my age during that time. When you live your life in your early 20's everything is wonderful, which is awesome, so you fuel companies, projects with fresh and new ideas that can boost them in a positive way. However, after those 10 years, nothing of the words I said to the interviewer happened, yet it is kind of discouraging though. Even though I'd attained moments that made me the happiest man on earth, like my marriage, when my daughters born, personal achievements, traveling, and so on; I am not the person I described on that interview, and I still think that I should start from zero in this moment, so everything made during those years can be called my First Attempt.

Basically, when you are playing a game where a winner should come out, even though if the opponent had scored against you, there is always not only one more chance to score back, but several ones to turn the result favorable to you. The footprint value when we leave this world will depend on how we worked throughout our life to help others, not in the amount of wealth you made. I remember a good piece of advise an elder man said to me some years ago: "In this life you make history regardless of who you are. What type of history do you want to be remembered with? You can either make good history or bad history, but it'll be history anyways". It always hit me hard when I recall that advise, because time goes on very fast, and that words become stronger year by year. I would add to that advise: Depending of the relevance you did on this life, your history could be unnoticed. So, if you are blessed with the gift of life, never is too late to take some action if you want to leave this world wether with a history to narrate about you or a blank page about you. 

Today is a great time for a reassessment of all the actions to be done in order to make the second attempt, in case the first was unsatisfactory or undone. Sometimes we need hurtful stimuli to push ourselves to act quickly. To give you an example, one stimulus can be a job loss. When your main source of income is watering and you know that you'll have positive balance at the end of the week, it's easy to critique others and entitle yourself against the non-privileged ones. So then, plot twist and the fountain of your weekly income has cut off, it definitely forces you to take actions, yet it can be painful if you needed that income to cover basic needs and to provide to your dependents.  

So, what the second attempt will be? Think about it. 

Thank you!!

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