Sunday, May 1, 2022

Grabbing the Crop


It was October 2021, I managed to make a crucial decision about my future, so I decided to leave my job and start my own servicing company. It wasn't easy though. My family relies on me and mostly depends of my income so I had to think about a real strategy to overcome the upcoming difficulties, not only paying the bills, housing, but to create real clients so that I could have my income flow sufficient to cover all my basic necessities for me and my family. 

I tried to pour on my mind positiveness instead of claiming about how hard life is. One of the thoughts I had present and stuck in my head was "I'd prepared for this for so long". For real, making this was something I was craving since I was in my past job and start my own company, but I never find myself encouraged to make that decision because of fear of the unknown. Certainly, a vast majority of people about things that hadn't happened yet, so it is hard to say but there is a lot of potential locked up while we are wrapped around those conformist mindsets. I roughly lived that and I was not willing to stick with that mentality. 

"A mistake repeated more than once is a decision" - Paulo Coelho. 

Even though current setbacks were unfavorable to me, I tried to keep up towards my new achievements, because I was on the boat with turbulent water, so I couldn't get out from it. I believe in the law of attraction. It is something about the things you attract are according to the amount and type of energy you create. I was trying to define myself as a successful being and point that out to every relative, friend and acquaintance. It was not easy at first glance, because I was not receiving work requests and my bills were about to due, but in the edge of my due dates somebody called me for help, and I got paid so I could pay my compromises. To make the story short, I started receiving calls from people who I didn't expect to call me for work requests, so I feel something out of my conception was happening. It is a grand blessing when doors open towards your goals, yet sometimes the struggle was real, but at this moment work done last year is starting to fruit, and this is the reason of the title of this posts, I am grabbing the crop, but I don't want to think myself I achieved everything, it is the starting point though. The crop is huge and it's impossible to collect everything in a moment. It takes time and there are setbacks indeed. 

I wanted to share this experience in my blog journal because I hadn't written for so long and one of my biggest achievements I am craving for is to become a writer, so if I don't start now, I never will. 

Thank you!

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